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Armando Cruz

Ma. Inés Correa




Armando Salvador Cruz Sanchez is the Founder and General Manager of Taiyari, Centre for Cultural and Human Development.

For the last nineteen years he has been offering workshops in human development and spiritual awareness. His work is based on indigenous techniques for expansion of consciousness. His areas of expertise also include energy restoration through body movement, the technique of recapitulation and conscious dreaming.

Professional Experience

He has held several executive posts and worked as an IT consultant in both public and private sectors in Mexico for over 10 years. During this time, he gained experience in and developed techniques for conflict management and labour relations.

His journey led him to AVP (El Arte de Vivir a Proposito), an organisation created by Victor Sanchez, writer and anti-anthropologist. After participating in various workshops and training with Victor Sanchez, he started leading workshops in personal development. The aim of these workshops was to support the participants in accessing within themselves the breath and depth of their potential as human beings and to apply this new awareness creatively in all areas of their lives.

His has given conferences, courses and workshops in human development within Mexico in Mexico City, Tampico, Hidalgo, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Merida, Michoacan and Monterrey. Internationally, he has worked in Germany, Netherlands, Polland, Spain, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Great Britain, Guatemala and United States.

During this time, he has lived and studied with the surviving Toltecs, the Wirrarikas, of the northern sierra of Jalisco. He has also been part of anti-anthropological field work and lived with the Lacandona tribes in the jungle of the Chiapas and Nahua and the mountains of Puebla.

He has coordinated and led major expeditions: 'The Search for the Jaguar' in the jungle of Chiapas; and 'The Highest Summit', a climbing expedition of Aconcagua. Currently, he is leading Vision Quests. These and other Nature based activities aim at guiding participants in achieving inner balance and harmonizing thoughts, emotions and feelings to create powerful acts to balance every aspects of their lives.

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Maria Ines Correa Mesa is a co-founder and staff member of Taiyari, Centre for Cultural and Human Development.

She has twenty years of experience working in the field of community social work and human development, with particular emphasis on education in family life. A graduate in social work, her professional background includes training in holistic therapies, Jungian psychology and bioenergetics.

Professional Experience

During 22 years, she worked as a trainer and adviser in the field of human sexuality and reproduction. She was also coordinator of the Education Department of the 'Asociacion Pro Bienestar de la Familia Colombiana en Medellin, Colombia' (the Association for the Wellbeing of Columbian Families, Medellin, Columbia). Her responsibilities included organizing and offering conferences and workshops for communities and businesses both nationally and internationally.

Her interest in supporting the development of women led her to participate and then train in various areas of human development, such as human sexuality, rebirthing, empowerment techniques to develop willpower, crystal therapy, sound therapy, reflexology, and Shiatsu massage. Her journey has led her to study the traditions of the Mexican indigenous people through participating and assisting in the workshops of The Art of Living Purposefully (AVP).

For over 20 years, she has been specializing in developing awareness through bodywork.

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